Health Risks of Smoking and Benefits of Quitting

Every year about 5 million deaths worldwide are attributed to smoking. We understand that consist of tobacco, and flavoring agents but in fact they have around 5000 chemicals, over 40 of which are carcinogenic in nature. Cigarette smoke consists of tars, and heavy metals which are very harmful for warning and ghastly images of patients on cigarette boxes remind people of only some of the risks involved. Although cigarette smoke consists of 5000 different substances, is considered as the most addictive of them all. The in the binds itself with specific brain receptors known as nicotinic receptors in the reward circuit of the brain. This in turn leads of release of dopamine which is associated with pleasure and temporary improvement of cognitive functions. But repeated usage leads to dependency on smoking for these so-called rewards. On the other hand quitting smoking will lead to immediate benefits such as enhanced heart health, improved senses especially that of taste and smell, enhanced energy levels and efficient lungs leading to better breathing, reduced risk of lung and heart diseases and also

Risks of Smoking

Smoking causes decreased life expectancy, it also promotes deposits on the artery walls. In addition in also increases blood pressure. Thus smoking is one be primary reason for cardiovascular diseases, myocardial infraction and stokes in smokers. In fact smoking doubles up risk of heart diseases. Smoking and usage is also number one reason for oral and Both and causes addiction thus leading to physical, physiological and behavioral dependence. Smoke from cigarette cause premature aging of the skin. Due to regular smoking the skin loses its elasticity leading to drier skin and wrinkles. Smoking also effects oxygenation of the skin which has a negative impact on the skin of the face. Smoke from also clogs skin pores which lead to formation of black spots too. Smoking also negatively affects both quantity and quality of sperms and may also lead to impotency. Smoking is especially harmful for women as it has a harmful effect on the For smoking and even passive smoking is doubly dangerous as it is very harmful for the child and can cause brain damage, it also ups the risk of miscarriage, and other complications in

Tips to Stop Smoking

There are numerous methods and tips available which when followed can help reduce cravings and assist one to quit smoking. Some of the most used methods being patches, alternate therapies such as and and usage of electronic instead. Researchers have come up with some great tips that will help one quit smoking. While quitting one will have to fight craving and stress thus de-stress yourself on a daily basis through reading, massages, bubble bath, yoga, cinema outing, lunches, shopping or whatever that makes you feel good and keeps away you from craving and related stress. This will also keep one busy and distract them from smoking, do so everyday for 2-3 weeks when quitting. Monitor your diet and drink ample amount of water, keep away from food items that assist craving such as alcohol and caffeine. Increase intake of fresh fruit and vegetables and dairy products. Indulge in regular physical activity; take up a sport or physical activity like jogging, swimming, aerobics and more. Avoid keeping company of smokers, also once an individual quits smoking it’s very important to avoid relapse.

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