What is Ichthyosis – Causes, Symptoms and treatment?

is a chronic skin disease that is characterized by thick, dry and on the skin. The word is derived from a Greek word that means fish, it is so as in the said condition the appearance of the patches resemble the scales of a fish. is actually a term which is used for a family of related skin disorder, thus there are more than 20 different types of The severity of the condition can range from mild to even life threatening in some rare cases. The most common type of is vulgaris which amounts for more than 95% of the cases.

Types of Ichthyosis

The types are Ichthyosis’ are mostly characterized by their and the factors that cause them. The most common types of are:

Vulgaris – The most common type of which is caused due to an The condition is characterized by rough, dry and scaly skin that appears during the early years i.e. before the age of one.

X-linked Here scales appear shortly after birth, the said condition is more prevalent in males than in females.

Lamellar The said condition is seen in babies, here the baby is covered in a thick membrane at birth which is later shed but scales are still present all over the body.

Epidermolytic Here the baby is born with red, moist and delicate skin with blisters. Scaling occurs during the early growth years.

Acquired Acquired is not inherited and is caused during adulthood due to some other medical condition such as kidney issues, underactive thyroid, and lymphoma which is a type of

About Vulgaris
Vulgaris is the most common type of that first appears in the early years of life and the said chronic condition of the skin lasts for a lifetime. The disorder can affect both men and women. The condition is characterized by dry, rough, scaly scales caused by thickening of the stratum corneum, often keratosis pilaris is also associated with the condition. The condition mostly improves in the summer and gets worsen during the winters. Although the condition does not cause scratching but as it is not a very pretty sight to see the condition affects the quality of life negatively especially in advanced cases.

of Ichthyosis

Primary cause of is hereditary but there are also acquired forms of the disorder. Vulgaris the most common form of the disease, the said form is inherited. The disorder is caused because of an which is inherited from a parent. can also be acquired in adult life because of other medical conditions such as an underactive thyroid, HIV infection, sarcoidosis, and some other disorders. Some forms of can also be caused due to certain medications. Drugs containing nicotinic acid and some forms of targeted therapy can also cause

for Ichthyosis

Although there is no curative against there are steps that are to be taken to lessen the severity of the condition and provide relief. Vaseline or other moisturizing creams with keratolytics and salicylic acid are to be applied twice a day. Some dermatological oils are also used to provide relief from the condition. In children creams and oils should only be used under strict adult supervision. Mostly acitretin is prescribed for vulgaris but the same can cause side effects especially in children. Also it is recommended that the said drug be avoided during pregnancy. Some other tips that can be used for relief are bathing in salt water, exfoliating the affected area a using sponge, consumption of Vitamin D supplements for enhanced immunity and oral antibiotics for care against secondary and related disorders. During winters of vulgaris may worsen hence extra precaution and care should be taken. During winters wear warm and multiple layers of clothing, keep yourself hydrated, strengthen your immune system by intake of fresh fruits and vegetables that are rich in Vitamin C and use different ointments that one uses during summer and check for improved results.

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